The Platinum List

How it all started.

The Platinum List was started after one of our clients came to us seeking a way to generate more business in their restaurants at selected times during the week. We saw an opportunity to create a product that could be used by this client and many of our other clients.

The first thing that came to mind was to provide some type of benefit, discount or privileges to guests that made bookings during those times. We searched globally for ideas from companies using similar strategies. We found a variety of different business models; many restricted their members to accessing discounts in just one country or part of that country, many limited restaurant partners to only one or two options on what kind of discount they could offer, and some imposed additional costs to the restaurants beyond the discount that they were already providing.

We decided that Platinum List members would be able to take advantage of benefits, discounts, and privileges globally. They shouldn't have to have a membership in different countries; that one membership would give access to our restaurant, spa and golf partners globally. 

We also realised that our restaurant, spa and golf partners needed flexibility in what kind of benefits, discounts, and privileges they offered to our Platinum List and when they offered them. And most of all they shouldn't incur any additional costs or fees beyond the benefits, discounts, and privileges they provided.

The Platinum List has been well received by our restaurant, spa and golf partners and our Platinum List members.  What started with an idea to help one local client is set to become a global membership club like no other.