Helping children gain a better future.


The first organisation we will be supporting in Vietnam is Ban Thuong Nhau.

Equipping children with literacy and essential life skills when they are at school gives them a better start in life. It enables them to grow into adults with better prospects in life, and gives them the opportunity to contribute to their own communities. Unfortunately, in the more remote areas of Vietnam, schools are not always accessible to all children.

Since 2013, Nguyen Binh Nam and Ban Thuong Nhau, a volunteer club that he leads, have been building schools in some of the most inaccessible areas of Central Vietnam. With over fifteen schools completed, their involvement goes far beyond the actual building of the schools. They contribute to providing meals for boarding students, milk for highland children, highland bookcases, and activities for students and teaches; which includes gifts and scholarships. All these activities are completed using funds from generous sponsors and donors.

The latest project was in an outlying area of Quang Nam Province. The school was located in Cheng Tong (Tra Cang commune, Nam Tra My District, Quang Nam Province). Cheng Tong lies deep in the forest and the only access is via an old narrow wooded bridge. A lot of building materials had to carried in by hand. The villagers have recently migrated to the area, as their old village was damaged by erosion. 

The school in Cheng Tong has 52 pupils (27 kindergarten children and 25 primary school children in grades 1-3). The children come from Cheng Tong and Tra Don. Two classrooms, one teachers room, and a toilet, totaling approximately one hundred a fifty square meters of buildings, were built.

In Vietnam, we will be selling an annual Platinum List membership for VND360,000. We will be donating VND120,000 to Ban Thuong Nhau. This means each time we sell or renew 4,000 memberships, Ban Thuong Nhau will have the funds to complete another school project. We will also be hosting events where extra funds will also be raised for Ban Thuong Nhau. 

To learn more about Ban Thoung Nhau or get in touch with them click here