Get Access to a World of Privileges, Benefits and Discounts.

What is the Platinum List?
The Platinum List is a global membership club. Our members receive discounts, privileges and benefits from our partner restaurants, spas, golf courses, bars and other venues. 

Do I need to make a booking?
As a general rule you will need to make a booking, and mention the Platinum List, when booking for restaurants, spa or golf. However, our partners vary in their requirements and not all of them require a booking. Always check on our website to see if the partner you want to visit require a booking or not. 

Are there exclusions?
Our partners choose the times when they want to make special discounts, benefits and privileges available to our members. So exclusions will vary from partner to partner. We do have a general exclusion list that can be viewed here. This outlines the general exclusions that apply across the globe. 

Can I use more than one Platinum List membership per booking?
No. Only one Platinum List membership can be used per booking.

How many people can receive the discount?
Your membership covers at least two people whenever you dine in at one of our partner restaurants. Many of our partner restaurants allow for the discount to be given to larger groups. You will find this information displayed on the listing page for each restaurant. For golf, spa, and shopping, only the member receives the discount.

How much is a Platinum List membership?
A platinum list membership costs US$33 or the local equivalent depending on which country you are in. 

How do I purchase a Platinum List membership?
To purchase your Platinum List membership just follow click on this link Join Now.

Does my Platinum List membership automatically renew?
No. As your membership nears its expiry date we will contact you and process your renewal directly with you. This saves you the the inconvenience that an auto renewal system can cause, should you for any reason not want to renew your membership.

Can I receive a physical card?
Your Platinum List membership card is a digital card that saves on your mobile device. We do not issue physical cards.

Is my membership transferable?
Your membership is not transferable. Our partners are not obliged to honour a membership card presented by a person other than that named on the card.

What do I do if one of your partners doesn’t accept my Platinum List card?
Let us know straight away via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will investigate and get back to you in a timely manner. We rely on our partners to notify us of any changes to their partnership arrangements with the Platinum List.

Why can't I find some of my favourite local restaurants on the Platinum List?
This could be for a variety of reasons including we have not managed to reach out to them yet to offer them the opportunity to put themselves in front of our global membership. Feel free to email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.any suggestions of restaurants, spas, or golf courses that you would like to see on the Platinum List and we will get in touch with them.